10 Best Work-Life Balance Bloggers

10 Best Work-Life Balance Bloggers

For busy professionals, a work-life balance is incredibly important for happiness, productivity and effectiveness at work. Achieving the right balance between career and lifestyle will not only give you the best chance of strong performance at work, but also help you to maintain the health of your relationships.

Without this balance, business leaders and employees are equally susceptible to extreme stress, fatigue and discontentment, all of which are detrimental to both the workplace and personal well being.

In some ways, social media can put additional strain on your work-life balance, competing for your attention in an already busy world. However, there are some great resources for work-life balance advice you can access through social media, so I have listed some recommended accounts to follow below:

  1. http://www.coachingpositiveperformance.com/ – This blog provides articles on how to achieve day-to-day well being. Their pieces include how to establish the perfect work-life balance through setting healthy boundaries and giving advice on how to reduce stress.
    Twitter – @carthagebuckley
  2. http://blog.sage.co.uk/ – Sage has a section dedicated to helping businesses ensure their employees have a satisfactory work-life balance. This site will help busy professionals to determine if they need to focus on their personal well being, with tips on how to do this.
    Twitter – @sageuk
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/money/work-life-balance – The Guardian creates articles that look at a variety of issues revolving around an imbalance of work and leisure time. It has articles ranging from new parents struggling to find a happy medium to the dangers of overworking.
    Twitter – @guardian
  4. https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/blog/tag/work-life-balance/ – This blog is extremely helpful for employees and bosses that need tips and advice on how to boost energy levels in the work place, the essentials for combating stress and the best jobs to have for an adequate work-life balance.
    Twitter – @GlassDoorUK
  5. https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/ – Focusing on mental health, this site has articles that look at the pressures of work, its damaging effect and the way work habits can be altered to encourage happiness. It provides resources and advice on how the workplace can help its employees and their mentality.
    Twitter – @mentalhealth
  6. http://www.teams.guru/ – David Frizzell created this page to help leaders create a healthy and productive team through blogs, podcasts, and ideal models for the workplace. It encourages an achievable work-life balance that all employees should be striving for.
    Twitter – @TeamsGuru
  7. https://www.skillsyouneed.com/ – This site covers all the skills a hard-working individual would need to have a content, balanced lifestyle. It has resources and information about essential life skills to attain a reasonable work-life balance, that improves both the professional and personal lives of employers and employees.
    Twitter – @skillsyouneed
  8. https://www.reed.co.uk/career-advice/?s=work+life+balance – Providing career advice, Reed helps people of all ages and profession achieve a healthy balance of work and relaxation through insightful featured articles that contain tips and recommendations.
    Twitter – @reedcouk
  9. http://executiveexcellence.com/ – Jenny Jacobs is an Employee Engagement Specialist and empowers workers by helping them to manage stress. This blog has pieces on growth and organisation to encourage employees to eradicate workplace discontent to obtain balance.
    Twitter – @jennyjacobs
  10. http://www.cityparents.co.uk/ – Aimed at parents struggling to achieve a work-life balance due to their personal and professional commitments, this blog gives stressed mothers and fathers the opportunity to access resources, inspiration, motivation, and peer support from those experiencing the same imbalance.
    Twitter – @citymothers
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