Leadership isn’t just a business thing

Leadership can never come solely from the pages of a book or from a charismatic speaker at an event. Books and presentations can provide the guidance, inspiration and motivation, but a vital force will always come from closer to home – from inside you.

Learning how to lead an authentic life

Leading a life of passion and purpose requires a level of self-awareness and the ability to be able to connect to our own personal power. You’ll know that building good relationships are an important part of effective business. With personal development, then, we start right at the beginning: the relationship you have with yourself.

Embody your Values in your Leadership style-walk the talk

Beyond running a successful business, it’s important to develop strong personal leadership if you’re going to lead a life that gives due merit to your core values. How you lead ‘you’ and what you believe in permeates everything. It has a bearing on your personal life, your relationships, and how you will lead any venture and team in your business life.

Mental and physical well being

Bring your mind in line with your body
It’s really important that our mental focus and physiology are aligned. Think about it… if we feel happy in our body and mind, we act happy. It flows through us. It’s when we sparkle.
When people live with passion, they are great to be around. They are cheerful, sunny, and enthusiastic and have verve for life. At the other end of the scale, if we are burdened by the debris of everyday life that can show in our demeanour too.

Plug into your ‘electricity’ lead from your highest self

How you lead you in your personal life will ultimately show up in how you lead your team, department, company or organization. It will influence everything you try to create in your personal life and relationships as well as your business life and relationships
If health and vitality is one of your core values, but you work in an office environment that’s not particularly healthy for most of the day, these circumstances might make you feel disempowered – like you’re not ‘plugged into your electricity’.
Personal development and coaching will focus you in the right direction and will help you to feel ‘plugged in’ again. You’ll lose that sense of disconnection and feel 100% more alive, and often the smallest of changes can bring about significant results.
With over 20 years experience working with top teams worldwide, AD Consulting assists the Leaders in companies to achieve higher levels of productivity, motivation and satisfaction.

Company Development Programmes have included:

  • Ensuring your company Values have “teeth”
  • Crafting company Values that support your Vision and Mission
  • Having everyone in the company ‘Walk the talk’
  • Top team leadership development
  • Training your team leaders to motivate your teams with the 4 Pillars team coaching course
  • Executive stress management
  • Ongoing Executive support, mentoring and coaching
  • Customised off-site retreats for leadership teams

Take Action

If you and your team  believe they could benefit from taking some time out to explore how you can be more effective as a leadership team, please let us know.