For Peer Group Forums

YPO retreats are positive, supportive environments in which like minded people inspire each other to maximise their leadership potential, sense of purpose and life fulfilment.

A retreat creates the perfect environment for you to take a step back and look at life, identifying genuine priorities and make far-reaching changes if appropriate. Forums could be focused on:

  • Value-based life planning
  • The power of ‘Vulnerable Leadership’ and emotional intelligence
  • Finding Purpose, balance and deep satisfaction
  • Living life at a higher altitude
  • Crafting success

Retreats can be customized or thematic. Andro will work with your group to make sure you get the experience you are looking for. Andro has run some well received retreat experiences that are outlined below just to give you a taste. So whether you want something unique tailored or you wish to go with an existing theme the choice is yours.


Andro understands that sometimes a forum will discover an area or popular topic they want to explore during the retreat. These are topics that may have been touched on previously during a presentation. In these circumstances Andro can adjust the agenda to accommodate the prevailing needs in the forum.

These topics may involve exploring work/life balance, sexual relationships, family, success, personal power and effectiveness, ageing parents to name but a few.

Retreats are focused on boosting the forum’s energy levels and commitment to each other with a view to getting to the next level of deeper connection and trust.