Our team development programme helps build high performing teams by transforming behavioural patterns that inhibit team collaboration, and deeper connectivity between team members

To be successful and to thrive, top teams need to embrace four key disciplines we call pillars: Align, Belong, Breakthrough, Sustain

Aligned teams fully commit to a common vision, purpose, and set of values, and experience a strong sense of belonging because they work in a psychologically safe & trusting environment.

These teams also have a strong breakthrough culture because they are comfortable giving & receiving constructive feedback & embracing healthy conflict, and they sustain high performance in times of change and disruption because they have support mechanisms, protocols, and health checks in place.

We ensure these 4Pillars are embedded into team culture, and we do this with a diagnostics phase followed by a series of customised workshops

Typical scenarios where we are asked to engage include:

  • New team leaders
  • New team members
  • Behavioural patterns inhibiting team collaboration and performance

What is included in the Team Development Programme?


Full set of videos covering how and when to use the comprehensive tool kit of different solutions, exercises and games in each of the 4Pillars depending on which team issues need to be addressed


Facilitator Guides with a comprehensive overview on the ins and outs of each pillar and detailed explanations on how and when to use over 20 different exercises and games


Team diagnostics assessment tool which contains a 48 question on-line survey for all team members to complete, to help you identify team strengths and weaknesses, and also what you can do to improve team motivation


DIY kit for printing the cards and posters for the games and exercises


Student forum for networking and sharing


On-going webinars and Q&A access for all students


Comprehensive resource library of additional exercises continuously updated and added to