The 4Pillars Team Coaching Course

The 4Pillar Team Coaching Course

Why Does Our Team Coaching Solution Offer Real Business Value?

Business owners, CEOs, and team leaders will recognise that highly motivated, thriving, engaged teams are more productive, and deliver superior performance when compared to their peers, and there is a lot of quantifiable data in the market to back that up, but when you are faced with issues like toxic cultures, absenteeism, top talent churn, and low morale, it is often difficult to know what to do first.

To attempt to address the issues, many leaders will organise away days and workshops to create team bonding sessions, but have you noticed that is usually just a short term fix as within a few weeks, all is forgotten, and everyone reverts back to type, and many of the old team issues come back, because none of the root causes have really been addressed

Our 4Pillars team coaching course has been developed to help team leaders address some of these root causes, behaviours and attitudes holding the team back. The solution also provides team leaders with a comprehensive tool kit including processes, exercises and games that can be used on an on-going basis to help create and sustain a more highly motivated thriving team culture.

This team coaching solution will help you cost effectively accelerate and sustain change across your teams, with the on-line tools always available for use, which will save you time and the cost incurred taking your team off-site.


Most business professionals are time poor, so we are offering a blended course (on-line learning and in-class certification workshops) to make it a more cost-effective accelerated learning experience

What is included in the 4Pillar Team Coaching Package?

There are four modules covering the 4Pillars of ALIGN, BELONG, BREAKTHROUGH, SUSTAIN, with lessons in each module delivered in ways to suit different learning styles

We are offering a blended solution that includes an on-line team coaching course, a team diagnostics assessment tool, and a two-day masterclass certification workshop.

We understand people like to learn in different ways and so we have included:


Full set of videos covering how and when to use the comprehensive tool kit of different solutions, exercises and games in each of the 4Pillars depending on which team issues need to be addressed


Facilitator Guides with a comprehensive overview on the ins and outs of each pillar and detailed explanations on how and when to use over 20 different exercises and games


Team diagnostics assessment tool which contains a 48 question on-line survey for all team members to complete, to help you identify team strengths and weaknesses, and also what you can do to improve team motivation


DIY kit for printing the cards and posters for the games and exercises


Student forum for networking and sharing


On-going webinars and Q&A access for all students


Comprehensive resource library of additional exercises continuously updated and added to

The courses will provide you with:

  • An in-depth understanding of each of the 4pillars, and why they are so important in helping to develop highly motivated thriving teams
  • Exercises, processes, and different approaches you can use to address different issues and scenarios that teams will face
  • Examples, role plays, and games you can use to accelerate experiential learning
  • The business outcomes you should expect to deliver following each team exercise that make up the different workshops you can deliver

Want to know more about the 4Pillars?

4Pillars Team Coaching Programme

With over 25 years’ experience working with management teams globally, AD Consulting has a track record assisting leaders and their organisations create highly motivated thriving teams that achieve better performance and productivity

Extensive academic studies have been carried out on the subject of team effectiveness, motivation, and engagement in recent years. One particular study we have noted carried out by Sprietzer & Porath in 2012, who undertook a survey of 1200 team members across a variety of teams and industries, found that organisations with highly motivated, engaged, and thriving teams outperformed their peer groups in several areas:

  • 16% better overall performance
  • 125% less staff burnout
  • 46% more satisfied with their jobs
  • Lower health care costs as less staff missed work

The study also highlighted that organisations with highly motivated thriving teams delivered an additional 2.1% overall higher returns for shareholders.

These teams demonstrate different attitudes and behaviours with certain principles in play that significantly contribute to that team consistently achieving superior performance. Our 4Pillar team coaching solution and diagnostics tool helps teams benchmark themselves against these principles to highlight where their strengths are, and what areas could be stronger