Over 25 years experience working globally with hundreds of CEOs, business owners, and senior management teams in blue chip corporates and fast growth SMEs, on assignments aimed at helping them become better leaders fostering thriving value driven cultures


The 4Pillars team coaching course

The 4Pillars team coaching course

The 4Pillars team coaching course has been developed to provide a comprehensive tool kit to help leaders create and accelerate a motivated thriving team culture in their organizations to drive superior business performance

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AD Consulting

AD Consulting

Leadership can never come solely from the pages of a book or from a charismatic speaker at an event. Books and presentations can provide the guidance, inspiration and motivation, but a vital force will always come from closer to home – from inside you.

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Retreats For Young Presidents’ Organization groups. YPO retreats are positive, supportive environments in which like minded people inspire each other to maximise their leadership potential, sense of purpose and life fulfilment.

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Retreat Themes

Retreat Themes

Value Based Life-Planning. Retrieve your work/life balance. Build the life you want, deep-down. Do you have a relatively stressful lifestyle? Are you spending most days trying to juggle your time between commitments?

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Leads multi-stranded change programmes

Assists International Board level teams to formulate their vision, values and strategic priorities

Runs executive mentoring programmes

Trains and develops in house facilitators within its clients base

Has recruited, and now manages a network of 20 consultants who support AD Consulting on projects all over the world

Implemented company-wide corporate transformation programmes for blue chip companies including National Australia Bank (Clydesdale Bank), Thomas Cook Financial Services and NRMA Sydney and Swiss bank

Working with the International Board of a well- known Investment company, assisting them to develop the leadership team to embrace their global business growth strategy

What people say

Andro is deeply insightful and her clients grow their business and grow personally as a result of her involvement with them. The combination of intellectual ability and a highly developed conscious awareness of human potential guarantees transformation. Her on-going quest for personal development is second to none and she shares all this in a high quality and fun way! January 20, 2012

Julie McCann, Managing Director Masters In Minds

Andro is unhampered by any sense of ‘smallness’ or self-limitation; her natural default position is “of course we can”, the ‘we’ being crucially important because she genuinely and truly includes others in her ideas, adventures, projects and life. Andro has immense intellectual capability and when this is coupled with her relationship skills, she really is very special. In business she creates from nothing. In relationship she creates real intimacy and true rapport. What I appreciate most though is that she is all these things and also incredibly kind, loving and generous. Andro has been, and will always remain a precious point of change in my life as she is for countless others. It is a heart-felt pleasure to recommend her!

Susan Dodson, Account Director & Consultant

Andro is a visionary coach. She sees beyond what her clients can see for themselves and she has a sharp commercial mind to balance her humanistic skills. If you are serious about your success, you should definitely consider her!

Simon Rustom, Managing Director

Andro is one of those rare people that combine an ability to operate at the highest levels whilst being personal, down to earth and thoroughly engaging. She has a particular ability to bring vision to otherwise mundane areas and prescribe specific routes for getting there. Top shelf when it comes to managing complex multi stranded projects and landing a great result. It’s been a pleasure working with you.

David Coleman

Andro has a unique ability to work with individuals and teams to inspire greater performance and results. She works internationally and has a natural flare for working with different cultures and levels. She is highly skilled both intellectually and inter-personally with a fearless approach to facilitation and a commitment to bringing out the best in her clients. Andro combines both insight on a personal and commercial level with the talent for catalysing change and great results. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Sally Rustom, CEO Customer Consulting Group

Andro is incredibly skilled at drawing the highest out in people and as a result of being on a retreat, my perspective about myself changed enabling me to transform my life and carve out a new destiny – truly amazing!”

Alison Roche, Managing Director

My life was rudderless and without clear direction.  Andro helped me to get my life planning dovetailed with what really turns me on in life. I figured it all out with her dedicated coaching. She’s a real tonic.

Jay Dyer, International Finance

I didn’t know what to expect, and I wish I did it 20 years ago.  I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone experiencing executive stress or [who] simply needs to define a bit more direction in their life.” 

Robert Tankel, International Property Developer

This retreat strips away the armour plating dragon scale defences against modern life to allow one to reconnect with the purpose of ones life. 

James Moores, Artist and Curator

I was not sure what to expect, but it far exceeded any hopes I had.  I felt calm and tranquil at all times, moved beyond words!  Being able to look inside myself and see a way forward to achieve my personal goal is amazing. 

Jane Corani, Managing Director

I came with an open mind and am leaving with an open heart, an immense sense of achievement paired with eagerness to continue on my path of destiny towards fulfilment.  I loved every second – even the tough stuff!” 

Monica Whalley, CEO

Andro has an amazing ability to look into the soul, once reflected there is no denial of what one needs to do to be fully satisfied. I am very grateful for all her input and gentle guidance.

Freeny Hamick, Art Dealer

I defy anyone, however cynical, suspicious, shy, damaged, hurt, angry or sad, not to return from this profound experience feeling more whole, energised and understood with their body and soul fully integrated and their mind open to new possibilities”

Vickie Andrew, Magistrate

Andro redefined the way we sell products in the field assisting us to sell through service. The comprehensive programme gave us a highly trained in-house team of managers and sales consultants, which is evidenced by our boosted sales figures. {Andro’s  team was also great fun to work with.

Gina Ghilliyer, Yves Saint Laurent

Andro and her team helped us change our culture to a more positive place to work in. Everyone’s productivity and personal motivation was elevated by programme. We now have a fully trained, in-house training team and some great training modules which have become a core part of our training and induction programme”

Patrick Boylan, NatWest Card Services

The workshop was very valuable.  I think Andro Donovan was exceptional and has started the process of blending us into a powerful forum.  Her exercises were amazing and I feel it has helped me unleash my best potential and to give my best to the forum.

Sonia Garware, Group CEO

Andro has really energised the group to get back on track and reach the next level.  Well done and thank you.

Robert Langmead, CEO

Andro served as a resource at a Parent-Child Scuba diving event I organized for YPO in Mallorca last Summer (2011). Her mandate was to push both children and parent out of their comfort zones, as a means to gain greater perspective on and enrich relationships. She was extremely conscientious at every step of the process and it was a pleasure to work with her. Most if not all of the exercises she prepared and conducted, proved fun and of significant value.

Roberto Saint-Malo, CEO

The workshop with Andro opened my eyes to what is important in my life based on the values I hold most dear.  I would highly recommend her course, which is so relevant in a fast moving world.

Ravi Hemnani, CEO

Although I used Andro’s services for personal life planning, I would also recommend her services to any organisation that values their senior employees, to help them get more out of teaming as well as individual focus. She is great, I am sure I will use her services again and would not hesitate to endorse her skills, abilities and services to anyone, either professionally or personally.”

Ramesh Tournay, COO

Enabled the buy in of all forum members to open up and have a more in-depth and meaningful relationship/discussion between all.


It was a great pleasure getting to know you and an even greater pleasure going through the 2-day retreat.

I thank you for helping us see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I trust our Forum will now be a better source of self- enlightenment for all of us.

Timur Makzume CEO
Turkish Water Company

Thank you for this very valuable session. You have transformed our forum to allow it to move to the next stage.  Speaking from the heart really made a difference.

Wahbe Tamari, CEO

Your work was engaging, thought provoking, and refreshing to our forum.  We certainly gained significant insights, not only about ourselves but each other, even after so many years of knowing each other and being together in forum.

Yassein Shanshal
Jordan Chapter

I think you transformed this group Andro’s facilitation took us to a new, well-needed level of depth.

Kim Weinberg, CEO
Coach In Motion, Washington DC

The retreat with Andro was above all our expectations!  It was innovative, meaningful, intense, interesting and fun.

I would definitely recommend her for any future YPO events.

Christine Sfeir CEO
Dunkin Doughnuts Lebanon

“As a YPO Forum, I feel that we had the most effective, fruitful, and enjoyable Forum Retreat during our 3 year history. Andro asked us to move outside of our comfort zones, but what she actually did was to expand our comfort zones so we could evolve to a new level, both individually and as a Group. Andro’s methods and personality does not push you to participate, but rather pulls you into the exercises by creating a strong will to participate”

Mehmet Ali Karamehmet CEO

“ Our Transformation Forum retreat, run by Facilitator Andro Donovan was the highest impact retreat I attended in my 10 years in Forum.  We had Andro in the past for a “traditional retreat’ and she was fantastic, so coming into this transformational retreat, I wasn’t expecting anything other than normal excellence. But the transformational forum retreat that she organized for us was simply breathtaking.  I don’t think I’m exaggerating by saying that this will not only change each of my Forum buddies Forum experience, but our lives as well.  Thank you Andro. “

John Lynch WPO Poland Chapter Chair

I came expecting to get techniques of life planning but ended up with an awesome insight into myself and how to achieve any life goals.

Tony Onwu, CEO

Thank you again for a wonderful Life Planning Workshop

I am a 50-year old serial entrepreneur who thought I (really!) knew what I wanted out of life.  You helped me realize that there’s a much better way to think about one’s life, and most importantly, how to really dig deep and plan your life in the similar way I have planned my business for decades.  Your teachings and wisdom have moved me profoundly, and I believe when I look back; will have been the catalyst in my own “new paradigm” of living life.  Thank you for showing me how to “shine my light.” 


Your warmness, along with your disarming style and mastery of the topics you teach, will undoubtedly have an impact on my forum life, my business life, and most importantly, my “purpose in life.”

YPO Chapter Chair, CEO


Founder and Owner of AD Consulting, Executive Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, and Author


Andro Donovan author of ‘Motivate Yourself’ is also an international facilitator, keynote speaker, and leadership development specialist. She coaches high-performing CEOs, and Entrepreneur forums to become more effective leaders, with a stronger sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. She combines her 25 years experience as a management consultant with her natural insight and affinity with all types of people, to help her clients gain greater influence, effectiveness and perspective.

Andro is known for creating safe environments where deep personal transformation can happen individually and in collaboration. She has worked extensively with cross-cultural groups on a global level, empowering top peer group connection and teamwork.

The 4Pillars Team Coaching Course

The 4Pillars team coaching course has been developed to provide a comprehensive tool kit to help leaders create and accelerate a motivated thriving team culture in their organizations to drive superior business performance.

Who the course is for

Business owners, CEOs, team leaders, facilitators, and business coaches

  • Culture

  • Values

  • Purpose

  • Safety

  • Trust

  • Validation

  • Innovation

  • Challenge

  • Regeneration

  • Feedback

  • Healthy Conflict

  • Growth

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