Motivate Yourself

  • Motivate yourself bookLaunched just over a year ago, Andro’s first best selling book, Motivate Yourself – “Get the Life You Want, Find Purpose and Achieve Fulfilment”, has sold thousands of copies
  • Aimed at anyone committed to personal development, you’ve probably wondered if you are good enough or have the skills to achieve what you want.
  • Life is too short to waste time doubting yourself. This book helps you motivate yourself and find your true purpose.

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Motivate Your Team

  • Andro will soon be launching her second book, Motivate Your Team, a must read for Business Owners, CEOs, Team Leaders, Consultants, and the Coaching Community
  • It focuses on the four pillars she believes underpins and sustains all highly motivated healthy teams, even when faced with significant business change, new challenges, or set-backs

Book Resources

To assist you in ‘Life Planning for Day to Day‘ from Chapter 7 of Motivate Yourself, please download the spreadsheet by clicking here.

Book Signing at Waterstones, August 2016


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