Our Approach

AD Consulting provides leadership consulting services for leaders and teams who want to make their organizations thrive.

We believe in a top down approach, so the leadership of the company is where we begin. Any change that is not endorsed and led by the senior team will not have an enduring quality.

Our Lens

We know from experience that the following areas are key to creating a thriving organisational culture with high performing motivated teams;

ALIGN: When team members are fully aligned, they all share a common vision, purpose, and set of core values, and everyone will have agreed on the strategic direction, goals, and business priorities.

BELONG: Teams with a strong sense of camaraderie and belonging will have created a psychologically safe and trusting environment to work in. Team members will “have each other’s backs”, take more risks, and will be comfortable sharing new ideas or truths without fear of being ridiculed or it backfiring on them.

BREAKTHROUGH: Teams with a strong breakthrough culture have members that are comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback, and fully accept that positive conflict has a part to play and is something to embrace to quickly address and resolve issues to build deeper team connectivity.

SUSTAIN: Teams that sustain peak performance and effectiveness are those that have put in place the right monitoring processes, protocols, health checks, and systems to support team members when they face set-backs, hit up against barriers or are experiencing significant business change.

Our Values


We keep our agreements and do what we say.


Everything we do, has you and your success at its heart


We tell the truth to our clients and act in accordance with our principles


We have energy and drive which we transfer to our clients


We care and value every relationship with our clients

Programme design

We tailor all our programmes to meet your specific needs, adapting our proven methodology to your challenges and we seek to fully understand these challenges before we design and develop the programme.

Clients praise us on the quality of our workshops and our facilitation:

Understanding the health of the organization and your objectives is essential for us to create extraordinary teams, peer groups, forums and organizations.