Young Presidents Organization (YPO) is a global organization with more than 30,000 top business leaders who are “committed to lifelong learning and idea exchange.“ YPO’s signature program is forum, a safe haven for CEOs to provide and receive insight and perspective from trusted peers in a highly confidential, supportive, and productive setting.

A fully Certified YPO Forum Facilitator and Global Education Resource, Andro has been a trusted advocate for leaders, partners, and families since 2002. In addition to delivering powerful forum experiences, she works with Regions, Chapters, and Networks to deliver high-impact growth and development workshops.

Below is a list of Forum workshops Andro facilitates for YPO

Structured programs that enable forums to launch, stay healthy, and navigate challenges and growth.

Taste of Forum

An introduction for new, curious, or prospective members who want to learn about the forum process.

Forum Fundamentals

Designed to give new members and their spouses/partners a solid foundation and experience with the principles and protocols of this most-valued YPO experience.

Forum Moderator & Leadership Development

Current and future moderators learn how to run high-impact meetings using the forum protocol, deal with diverse styles and roles, navigate challenging situations, and lead with influence and compassion.

Forum Supercharge

A forum “tune-up” on process and protocol. Or a reboot for forums experiencing growing pains, transitions, conflict, or stagnation.

Transformational Forum 

A life-changing retreat to expand how members explore issues, solve problems and communicate. This program develops muscles of self-awareness, curiosity, and thoughtful interaction which are used in the 4-Step Forum Exploration.