THE 4Pillars On-Line Team Coaching Course

There will be four modules in the on-line course (ALIGN, BELONG, BREAKTHROUGH, SUSTAIN), with lessons in each module delivered in ways to suit different learning styles

You will get:

• An introduction to the 4Pillar team coaching course, why they are so important, and why these pillars have to be in place to achieve a highly motivated thriving team
• Comprehensive list of exercises, games, processes, and approaches that can be used to address team issues, and ensure teams can create strong pillars
• An introduction to the team assessment diagnostics tool
• How best to use the team assessment diagnostics tool to help identify where the team is strong and where it could be stronger
• Examples of workshop formats best suited to addressing different team issues as they arise



Access to the master class certification workshop is only available to those who have completed course 2

In summary:

  • Three-day workshop with hands-on practice using the tools, processes, and approaches in the 4Pillar ABBS solution
  • A full complement of exercises, and games that can be used to cover different team coaching assignments.
  • Practical sessions where you participate as the team coach, the team leader, and as a team member
  • Full access to the extensive Resource Library which has a full array of exercises, work sheets, evaluation forms, case studies, articles, webinars, and time sheets.
  • Access to on-going webinars to embed working practices as part of an on-going learning experience
  • An opportunity to network with other team leaders, coaches, and facilitators
  • An opportunity to practice real world experiences so you can better deal with different team scenarios
  • New skills so that when you leave the workshop you are much better equipped to work effectively with teams