Customising Your Retreat

Customized Retreat Agenda

Everything will be finely tailored to your forum’s needs, and we start by scheduling a consultation with the moderator.

Based on the briefing from the moderator Andro tailors a questionnaire to focus on the key requirements. This is circulated to the forum prior to the retreat.

From this information and the one to one call/s she will design a retreat agenda focused on achieving a meaningful retreat and meeting desired expectations.

Choosing the right retreat theme for your group can be challenging .Through careful consultation with you Andro will make sure that the retreat agenda, exercises and activities are tailored for your requirements.

Choosing the venue and ideal room set up is also an important decision.

Andro will work with the forum moderator or retreat coordinator to conceive unique retreats that focus on a specific topic, theme, or experience. Prior to the retreat, participants complete a confidential online survey that outlines their current personal and vocational situations, and any pressing issues or crises. This “homework” helps us develop a customized agenda for the retreat.

Andro and the retreat coordinator collaborate to tailor the retreat’s agenda to the specific needs of the group. This agenda often changes after the retreat begins, based on the flow of discussions and experiences, as well as member needs.

Once the retreat begins, the customized agenda has the following general flow:

  • Exercises to confirm or build safety within the group and deal with any issues or conflicts within the group
  • Group-level exercises and experiences based on the common themes from the participants’ orientation questionnaire/preparation.
  • Individual participants have the opportunity to work through a difficult life issue or dilemma, using either the standard YPO/EO presentation formats or more in-depth explorations led by the facilitator
  • Activities, games, or adventures, often outdoors, that have varying levels of competition and creativity, and strengthen authenticity within the group

Following the retreat, Andro will have regular communication with the moderator or group leader to strategise exercises and discussions for the group’s ongoing meetings, and to help them deal with interpersonal dynamics among the members.