Get the life you want, achieve more meaning and purpose

Living a Value-Based Life

At the heart of a truly fulfilling personal and business life there is always a set of strong core values. Do you ever stop and ask yourself what matters to you?

Too many of us have lost touch with our true selves, this is one of the root causes of many difficulties and stresses. In this retreat you will create a path to a values-led life.

What are values? Values act like a compass, guiding you towards your life’s purpose. Connecting to your core values and activating them in your daily life is the fastest way to feel nourished, and the most motivating and direct route to personal fulfillment.

When you are at your best, feeling invincible, happy and purposeful, you are living your values. Through this personal journey you will begin to discover where you need to focus your energy if you want to experience a stronger sense of meaning and purpose.

My life was rudderless and without clear direction. Andro helped me to get my life planning dovetailed with what really turns me on in life. I figured it all out with her dedicated coaching. She’s a real tonic.

Take-home value

  • Envision and craft a life around the values you hold most dear
  • Learn how to prioritise and make time for what’s important
  • Raise your consciousness on the fierce logic of your rational mind arguing for your limitations and begin to go for what really fulfills you
  • Understand and activate the principles of life-planning

Suggested Time Frame

2 Days


The retreat is ideally run over 2 full days, however it can be customised into an intensive day or 1.5 days.

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