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The 4Pillars team coaching course has been developed to provide a comprehensive tool kit of exercises and games that can be used by team leaders to help them address and resolve issues with the team in order to create a more highly motivated thriving team culture and improve business performance and productivity.

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Business owners, CEOs, team leaders, facilitators, and business coaches

As a business owner, CEO, or team leader you:

  • Want to acquire new tools and skills to help you develop more motivated team members able to thrive in your organisation as you know this is key to superior performance and productivity
  • Want to develop the skills of team leaders and provide them with a comprehensive tool kit to help them create a more highly motivated thriving team culture across your organisation
  • Want to retain top talent, improve staff morale, and engagement, reduce absenteeism and onboard the right people

As a facilitator, or business coach you will:

  • Already coach teams, but want to access new ideas, and tools to add value to client assignments, extend your client contracts, stay relevant, and maintain a competitive edge
  • You do 1:1 coaching but want to do more team coaching, learn skills andaccess new tools to help you prove team coaching workshops to widen your offering and grow your business

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There are four modules covering the 4Pillars: ALIGN, BELONG, BREAKTHROUGH, SUSTAIN, with lessons in each module delivered in ways to suit different learning styles

What is included in the 4Pillar Team Coaching Package?

  • We are offering a blended course which includes an on-line team coaching course, a team diagnostics assessment tool, and a two-day masterclass certification workshop.
  • We understand people like to learn in different ways and so we have included:
  • Full set of videos covering how to use the team diagnostics assessment tool, and when to use the full tool kit of different exercises and games in each of the 4Pillars depending on which team issues need to be addressed
  • Facilitator Guides with a comprehensive overview on the ins and outs of each pillar and detailed explanations on how and when to use over 20 different exercises and games
  • Team diagnostics assessment on-line tool which contains a 60 question on-line survey for all team members to complete to identify team strengths and weaknesses
  • DIY kit for printing the cards and posters for the games and exercises
  • Student forum for networking and sharing
  • On-going webinars and Q&A access for all students
  • Comprehensive resource library of additional exercises continuously updated and added to

The courses will provide you with:

  • An in-depth understanding of each of the 4pillars, and why they are they so important in helping to develop highly motivated thriving teams
  • Games, exercises, processes, and different approaches you can use to address different issues that teams will face 
  • Examples, role plays, and games you can use to accelerate experiential learning
  • The business outcomes you should expect to deliver following each team exercise that make up the different workshops you can deliver

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Most business professionals are time poor, so we are offering a blended course (on-line learning and in-class certification workshops) to make it a more cost-effective accelerated learning experience

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Extensive academic research has been carried out on the subject of positive psychology at work, team motivation and team effectiveness in recent years, but there is one particular piece of research we noted which we would like to share with you. It was carried out by Sprietzer & Porath in 2012, and from a survey of 1200 people across a variety of teams and industries, it found that organisations with motivated, engaged, and thriving individuals outperformed their peer groups in several areas:

  • 16% better overall performance
  • 125% less staff burnout
  • 46% more satisfied with their jobs

Furthermore, less staff missed work attending to medical issues which translated into much lower health care costs for the organisation

In broader reaching analysis, the research also highlighted that company’s with superior employee satisfaction ratings, generated higher returns to shareholders of 2.1% above their peer industry benchmarks

Motivated thriving teams demonstrate different attitudes and behaviours with certain principles in play that significantly contribute to that team consistently achieving superior performance.

Our 4Pillar team coaching course including the team assessment diagnostics tool helps teams quickly benchmark themselves against these principles to highlight where their strengths are, and what areas could be stronger


Why is ALIGN important?

  • When a team is aligned, team members will have agreed common business objectives, and priorities, and will experience a strong sense of purpose and meaning around what they want to achieve
  • Team members will embody, and be acting out of a set of agreed core values, and behavoural norms
  • Communication between team members is more authentic with issues resolved more quickly
  • Team members want to know how they can help each other achieve their goals, as cross-functional collaboration and collective team goals are very important
  • Without alignment, the team is likely to be more disparate, with team members pulling in different directions, more focused on personal agendas, and rivalries, rather than on what is good for the team as a whole.. Cross functional collaboration is limited


Why is BELONG important?

  • Teams will experience a sense of real belonging and camaraderie when members believe they are working in a psychologically safe environment – a space where there is permission to openly communicate, where they are not afraid to say what’s not working in their areas of responsibility or in areas run by others who might be falling short
  • In a belonging environment, open communications can transform situations and enable deeper connectivity between team members because individuals feel valued, trust each other, are more prepared to take risks, and share ideas without fear of being ridiculed or interrupted – it can be the foundation for more innovation and creativity
  • Without this sense of belonging, team members are more likely to be disengaged, and will want to protect themselves from any political crossfire
  • They will be more unlikely to fully listen to one another, and be more interested in getting their own point across, or will withdraw from the process if they are not being heard
  • Individuals may also be driven by fear – fear of losing their job, fear of asking for help in case they are ridiculed, fear of being “found out” – recipes for talent churn as people look for ways to leave



Why is BREAKTHROUGH important?

  • There will be times when team members face personal challenges, set-backs, perceived limitations, or may display negative behaviours
  • Individuals in highly motivated thriving teams recognise and accept from time to time they will hit barriers, but the culture will encourage constructive feedback, and healthy conflict which they will perceive as a positive force for change
  • Team members will be more attuned and sensitive to what colleagues are experiencing, and will recognise that “clearing the air” can lead to new insights which in turn will lead to an even more deeply connected, supportive team.
  • Team members take responsibility for setbacks, and their part in any mistakes made. They will also have more clarity on how to fix problems they face as a team, because they will be more collaborative, and willing to engage in healthy conflict
  • Teams with no processes in place for constructive feedback or healthy conflict, are more likely to operate in a “blame and gossip culture” where individuals are not prepared to take issues directly to the source, and are more likely to be disengaged and withdrawn



Why is SUSTAIN important?

  • In times of business change, and uncertainty, toxic cultures can gain ground quickly as individuals start looking out for themselves more or start blaming others for problems.
  • How a team faces up to adversity will be determined by how team members respond individually and collectively to each other, and how they can support each other to sustain team performance and alignment of purpose, core values, and goals
  • Team leaders of motivated thriving teams will have prepared for these challenges with mechanisms in place like health checks, super charge protocols, and agreed norms to support them re-generate the team to better handle change.
  • Without these protocols and mechanisms, it may be more difficult to sustain a thriving environment, drive more creative thinking, retain top talent, and reduce absenteeism,

[bgsection pex_attr_title=”THE 4Pillars On-Line Team Coaching Course” pex_attr_subtitle=”COURSE 1″ pex_attr_style=”section-light2″ pex_attr_bgcolor=”EDF5F7″ pex_attr_imageopacity=”0.1″ pex_attr_bgimagestyle=”static” pex_attr_titlecolor=”252525″ pex_attr_textcolor=”777777″]There will be four modules in the on-line course (ALIGN, BELONG, BREAKTHROUGH, SUSTAIN), with lessons in each module delivered in ways to suit different learning styles

You will get:

  • An introduction to the 4Pillar team coaching course, why they are so important, and why these pillars have to be in place to achieve a highly motivated thriving team
  • Comprehensive list of exercises, games, processes, and approaches that can be used to address team issues, and ensure teams can create strong pillars
  • An introduction to the team assessment diagnostics tool
  • How best to use the team assessment diagnostics tool to help identify where the team is strong and where it could be stronger
  • Examples of workshop formats best suited to addressing different team issues as they arise

[bgsection pex_attr_title=”MASTER CLASS CERTIFICATION WORKSHOP” pex_attr_subtitle=”COURSE 2″ pex_attr_style=”section-light2″ pex_attr_bgcolor=”#f5f5f5″ pex_attr_imageopacity=”0.1″ pex_attr_bgimagestyle=”static” pex_attr_titlecolor=”252525″ pex_attr_textcolor=”777777″]Access to the master class certification workshop is only available to those who have completed course 2

In summary:

  • Three-day workshop with hands-on practice using the tools, processes, and approaches in the 4Pillar ABBS solution
  • A full complement of exercises, and games that can be used to cover different team coaching assignments.
  • Practical sessions where you participate as the team coach, the team leader, and as a team member
  • Full access to the extensive Resource Library which has a full array of exercises, work sheets, evaluation forms, case studies, articles, webinars, and time sheets.
  • Access to on-going webinars to embed working practices as part of an on-going learning experience
  • An opportunity to network with other team leaders, coaches, and facilitators
  • An opportunity to practice real world experiences so you can better deal with different team scenarios
  • New skills so that when you leave the workshop you are much better equipped to work effectively with teams