Team Assessment Tool

What Does The Team Assessment Tool Give You?

There may be a number of issues your team is facing, Perhaps you are concerned you have a toxic team culture, team members are constantly under achieving and missing targets; the atmosphere and morale is not good, or you are losing top talent to competitors, customer complaints are on the rise, or you have high levels of absenteeism. Whatever the reason, what is certain is you will not have a highly motivated, thriving, and engaged team.

The team assessment tool has been developed so that team leaders can benchmark their team against our 4Pillars model which measures how motivated, thriving, and engaged the team is, and the report will provide you with specific data on where your team is strong and where it could be stronger, with recommendations on what you can do to address identified weaknesses.

The tool contains a 48 question survey that all team members will need to complete in confidence, but like all surveys, the more ruthlessly honest everyone can be with their answers, the better the output reporting will be.

What Will The Team Assessment Tool Measure?

Our 4Pillars model identifies four areas that your team will be measured against.

ALIGN: Your team will be assessed on how healthy the culture is, how strong is its sense of purpose, and whether your core values are embodied fully

BELONG: Your team will be scored on how psychologically safe the working environment is, the levels of trust that exist, and how valued team members think they are

BREAKTHROUGH: The team will be scored and measured against how effective its feedback processes are, its ability to embrace positive conflict, and ability of team members to experience personal growth and development

SUSTAIN: The team will be scored and measured against benchmarks we have for the team’s ability to keep innovating, and regenerating in times of change or when the team is facing significant set backs

Want to know more about the 4Pillars?

What do we mean by benchmarking your team against the 4Pillars model?

Let me give you an example, let’s say all team members have completed the team assessment survey, and overall your team appears to score higher in the align pillar as team members believe they share a common vision and all agree on the strategic direction, goals, and business priorities, but when it comes to the Belong and Breakthrough pillars, the team has a low score, as team members do not believe there is a strong experience of camaraderie, trust, or belonging, and they are reluctant to give each other constructive feedback for fear of creating unhealthy conflict.

In such a scenario, it would make sense to go straight to the 4Pillar team coaching lessons and tool kits in the Belong and Breakthrough course modules, and learn about all the great exercises, games, and processes the team leader can use to quickly address issues identified.

The team assessment tool and 4Pillar Team Coaching solution will help quickly transform teams into more highly motivated thriving entities capable of delivering peak performance, and help protect your most important asset; your people.