Team Diagnostics Assessment tool

The team is more than the sum of its parts; it is a living entity with its own personality and set of values, and so the purpose of this diagnostics team evaluation tool is to identify not only team strengths but where the focus needs to be placed to improve team motivation and health to deliver improved team performance.

Research findings from interviews with 66,000 participants carried out by Forbes concluded that highly motivated management teams that worked well together, shared a common vision and acted out of a set of core values were capable of a 1.9 increase in business performance, and productivity.

Healthy up to date relationships between team members are key to retaining top talent, reducing staff churn, and improving staff morale.

In unhealthy and toxic work environments, over 50% of staff say that personal performance suffers, and quality of work declines.

Our team diagnostics scorecard (coming soon) evaluates 12 characteristics that underpin and support high performing motivated healthy teams.

The scorecard report following an on-line survey provides in-depth analysis on where your team’s strengths are, and where you need to focus to improve team motivation and health.

Team Assessment Scorecard Report

Coming Soon

You are going to quickly discover how motivated and healthy your team is.

The on-line survey takes about 8 minutes to complete, and as with all such surveys to get the best results, you need to give your first natural response, and be as honest as you can.

This scorecard report will measure your team’s strengths and weaknesses against our 4Pillar ABBS model andvwill provide recommendations on how to create some quick wins.

This will be a free report for everyone who registers their interest, and completes the on-line survey.