Team Coaching Course old

Course 1


The lessons will cover:

  • An introduction to the 4Pillar team coaching course, and why it is such an important solution for creating and sustaining high performing motivated thriving teams
  • An overview of each of the pillars, and how you can flexibly use the tools and building blocks depending on what the team needs or where its priorities are at any one time
  • An introduction to the team assessment diagnostics tool
  • How best to use the team assessment diagnostics tool to help identify where the team is strong and where it needs to improve

Course 2

The 4Pillar Team Coaching Course

There are four modules covering the 4Pillars: ALIGN, BELONG, BREAKTHROUGH, SUSTAIN, with lessons in each module delivered in ways to suit different learning styles

We will cover:

  • An in-depth understanding of each of the pillars
  • The building blocks for each pillar, and why they are so important
  • Exercises, processes, and approaches you can use for different team scenarios
  • How to overcome difficult situations to get back on track
  • Examples, role plays, and games you can use to accelerate experiential learning
  • The business outcomes you should expect to deliver following each team exercise that make up the different workshops you can deliver

Master Class Certification Workshop

Experienced team leaders and coaches may decide they want to go straight to the in-class workshop before they do the on-line team coaching course, and that will be an acceptable.

Included in the two-day masterclass workshop will be:

• Hands on practice through experiential learning, using the tools, games, and processes in each of the 4Pillars
• Practical working sessions where students participate as the team coach, team leader, and team member to role play different scenarios
• To work with real life case studies to practice how to better deal with different issues facing teams
• An opportunity to network with other team leaders, facilitators, and coaches
• New skills to be better equipped to work more effectively with teams
• Full certification