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Course 1


The lessons will cover:

  • An introduction to the team diagnostics tool
  • An introduction to ABBS, and why it is such an important solution for creating and sustaining high performing motivated healthy teams
  • An overview of the compelling events and business drivers where ABBS can be best utilised
  • How you can use different entry points in ABBS to address team priorities

Course 2

The ABBS Solution

There will be four modules in the ABBS solution (ALIGN, BELONG, BREAKTHROUGH, SUSTAIN), with lessons in each module delivered in ways to suit different learning styles

We will cover:

  • An in-depth understanding of each of the ABBS elements
  • The key characteristics, and why they are so important
  • Exercises, processes, and approaches you can use for different team scenarios
  • How to overcome difficult situations to get back on track
  • Examples, role plays, and games you can use to accelerate experiential learning
  • The business outcomes you should expect to deliver following each team workshop

Course 3

Master Class Certification Workshop

Access to the master class certification workshop is only available to those who have completed course 2

In summary:

  • Three-day workshop with hands-on practice using the tools, processes, and approaches in the 4Pillar ABBS solution
  • A full complement of exercises, and games that can be used to cover different team coaching assignments.
  • Practical sessions where you participate as the team coach, the team leader, and as a team member
  • Full access to the extensive Resource Library which has a full array of exercises, work sheets, evaluation forms, case studies, articles, webinars, and time sheets.
  • Access to on-going webinars to embed working practices as part of an on-going learning experience
  • An opportunity to network with other team leaders, coaches, and facilitators
  • An opportunity to practice real world experiences so you can better deal with different team scenarios
  • New skills so that when you leave the workshop you are much better equipped to work effectively with teams