Releasing the Goddess within Retreat

Womens personal development retreats

Embark on a transformative journey into self-discovery and personal growth with our exclusive Goddess Retreat

This unique experience is tailored for women seeking to explore their inner depths and unleash their potential through the rich tapestry of Goddess archetypes.

Delve into the lessons and wisdom of these powerful figures, and learn how their attributes can be harnessed to empower your own life.

This retreat is more than just a getaway—it’s an opportunity to awaken your dormant capabilities, express your hidden depths, and give you the tools to shape your life into the masterpiece you envision.

Join Andro Donovan, author of “Motivate Yourself,” for this transformative retreat. With her expertise in coaching high-performing CEOs, entrepreneurs, and individuals, Andro creates safe environments for deep personal transformation.

This retreat is held at various international venues and dates.  Click here to enquire

Could you experience more fulfilment and flow in your life?

This fun and interactive retreat will provide a unique opportunity for any woman wishing to discover more about herself and the power she has to control and transform her life.

Could you experience more fulfillment and flow in your life?

Do you feel there is something missing from your life?

During this retreat, you will have an opportunity to explore Carl Jung’s six goddess archetypes that are most relevant to modern women in contemporary society

Which archetypal goddess are you currently manifesting in your life?

Could you awaken and express more of your hidden depths through Aphrodite, Hera, Athena, Persephone, Artemis, or Demeter?

This is a unique opportunity for any woman wishing to discover more about herself and the power she has to control and transform her life.

The Seminar Experience

Meet other like-minded women who will co-create a supportive space of learning and self-discovery.

Early morning stretching, breath work, and meditation to become conscious of your inner world and what’s driving you.

Exploration of the goddess archetypes as they relate to you in your world today.

Raise your awareness on the transitions you are making and become conscious of which goddess energy you most need to channel.

Get in touch with your true essence and focus on the values that most serve you in the next phase of your life.

Activate your willingness to leave your comfort zone and embrace what you truly desire.

Connect to what gives you meaning and purpose and be guided by your inner calling.

Creating a vision statement for your future focus stepping into a new resourceful paradigm.

Raising your consciousness on what may be blocking you in relationship to manifesting the life you want.

Envision the future you want to create whilst being satisfied in the now.

The breathwork and meditation experience

These sessions are designed to quieten the mind and help you connect with the goddess you most want to breathe life into.

Ignite a healing process through contemplation, breath, and movement.

Connect to the power of the breath and how it can help to find your essence and transform your internal state.

Breath and posture are inseparable and by combining the two you will find a new depth of inner connection and reawaken the best version of you.

Connect to your inner self and ignite infinite possibilities. Practical meditation techniques you can do at home.

(Andro works with top international experts to bring you this experience)

Your investment includes:

One to One Consultation with Andro to define your ideal outcomes and what’s blocking you
Your Goddess questionnaire analysed
3 days of facilitation

Specialist breathwork and yoga sessions

Workbooks and seminar material
Post retreat group virtual follow-up to embed learnings and maximise progress

All meals and refreshments at the retreat venue

What it does not include

Airport transfers


Dinner out

Goddess Archetype quiz

Next dates and venues

Le Marche, Italy 31st May-2nd June

Cyprus, 28th-30th June

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