Download the 4Pillars Team Coaching E Book

4Pillars Team Coaching E Book

Highly motivated thriving teams display different behaviours and attitudes, with certain principles in play that contribute to these teams consistently delivering superior business performance.

The 4Pillars explained in the downloadable book highlights what you should be focussing on when coaching your team.

What are the Four Pillars?

ALIGN: When team members are fully aligned, they all share a common vision, purpose, and set of core values, and everyone will have agreed on the strategic direction, goals, and business priorities.

BELONG: Teams with a strong sense of camaraderie and belonging will have created a psychologically safe and trusting environment to work in. Team members will “have each other’s backs”, take more risks, and will be comfortable sharing new ideas or truths without fear of being ridiculed or it backfiring on them.

BREAKTHROUGH: Teams with a strong breakthrough culture have members that are comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback, and fully accept that positive conflict has a part to play and is something to embrace to quickly address and resolve issues to build deeper team connectivity.

SUSTAIN: Teams that sustain peak performance and effectiveness are those that have put in place the right monitoring processes, protocols, health checks, and systems to support team members when they face set-backs, hit up against barriers or experience significant business change.

Once you have read the E book you may be interested in learning more about how to become certified 4 Pillars Team coaching facilitator. This know-how will assist you in your coaching and leadership role in a number of different scenarios.

We hope you enjoy it.