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Why The Team Leader Assessment Scorecard Will Be Of Value To You?

There may be a number of issues your team is facing, Perhaps you are concerned you have a toxic team culture, team members are constantly under achieving and missing targets; the atmosphere and morale is not good, or you are losing top talent to competitors. Whatever the issues you are facing, the survey questions are likely to highlight areas that might need to be addressed

The objective of this team leader assessment scorecard therefore is to give you a taster for what is on offer.

You will need to complete the survey of 48 questions. It should take you less than 10 minutes to do, but like all surveys, the more ruthlessly honest you can be with your answers, the better the output report will be, so to get your free team leader assessment scorecard, please sign up below, and we’ll send you the survey link.

Of greater value of course will be to get all team members to do the survey. The team assessment view has been developed for this purpose to capture the inputs of all team members so that team leaders get a team assessment view. That report will also provide you with specific data on where all team members think your team is strong and where it could be stronger, with recommendations on what you can do to address identified weaknesses.

That would be the next stage, but for now, sign up below, and we will send you the link to do the team leader assessment survey

What will the scorecard tell you?

Market studies show that highly motivated thriving teams display different behaviours and attitudes, and as a result deliver higher business performance than their peers in less motivated teams. This personalised report will score your team against each of our 4Pillars, and will provide you with insights and top tips on what you can do to address any low scores.

Once you have completed the survey, you will get the free scorecard report by return.

Team leaders having completed our on-line survey say how thought provoking it is, and many come back to us wanting all team members to do the survey, so they can get a more holistic team assessment view.  After you have done the team leader assessment survey, let us know if you want to go to the next stage and get a team assessment scorecard report.


Once you have completed the survey, your scorecard will provide insights into your team performance based around the 4Pillars below..


When team members are fully aligned, they all share a common vision, purpose, and set of core values, and everyone will have agreed on the strategic direction, goals, and business priorities. In an aligned team, achieving team goals will always be prioritised by team members over achieving personal goals.


Teams with a strong sense of camaraderie and belonging will have created a psychologically safe and trusting environment to work in. Team members will “have each other’s backs”, take more risks, and will be comfortable sharing new ideas or truths without fear of being ridiculed or it backfiring on them.


Teams with a strong breakthrough culture have members that are comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback, and fully accept that positive conflict has a part to play and is something to embrace to quickly address and resolve issues to build deeper team connectivity.


Teams that sustain peak performance and effectiveness are those that have put in place the right monitoring processes, protocols, health checks, and systems to support team members when they face set-backs, hit up against barriers or are experiencing significant business change.