The Objective of Transformational Forum Training is to transform the type and depth of discussions to deep and meaningful levels. This offers the opportunity for continuous member learning-about themselves and about how to interact in a more open, personal and authentic way.

The Transformational Forum is based on the following three assumptions:

1. Most issues that people face in life, be they personal or professional, have a strong emotional component. ‘Should I sell the company?’ is not just a matter of finances,but also about one’s identity and legacy.

2. Our efforts to be rational problem-solvers can block the success in solving our most important issues. The emphasis on rationality drives out listening to our emotional needs. It leads us to to want to stay invulnerable which limits the extent we are curious and exploratory. Since others also want to be rational, their attempts to logically problem-solve our issues means that their suggestions are frequently not useful.

3. People’s behavior is quite consistent across different situations. Even though we do modify how we act depending on whether we are with family, friends, or colleagues, there is still an under-lying consistency across these settings.

Transformational Forum Training uses these three assumptions to change the nature of the conversation within the forum meetings.


1.5 days minimum

Who Should Participate

Forums who are willing to go to the next level of trust

Key outcomes

  • Higher probability of a quality outcome
  • Everybody benefits not just the presenter
  • Learning a new way to be helpful
  • Increased authenticity


Dear Andro,

I didn’t like your facillitation!

I adored it!!! ? This day and a half with you and the boys has helped me on my journey to a more serene and assuming life.

You managed to reassure me that emotions are much more powerful than a rational and intellectual approach to any situation.

I appreciate the sober way you shared your own personal experiences and also the way you managed to get participants to express their emotions with spontaneity and sincerity.

Also, you mastered the method with talent and flexibility, making this learning a challenging but enjoyable one.

I will conclude with one word only: thank you!

Looking forward to read your book and to have a chance to meet you along the line sometimes again, I send you, dear Andro my very best regards,

Jacques Gaillard. CEO and owner of Beau Rivage Geneva

Is Your Forum Transformationa - click here to find outDoes Your Forum Qualify?

  1. Is there equality in that forum?
  2. Is there inclusion in the forum?
  3. Do members discuss their real issues or are they more skimming the surface?
  4. Are members able to have issue clearance when there are issues between each other?
  5. Have they been together for at least one and a half years?
  6. Do they practice forum protocol (of being non-judgmental and sharing their experiences)?
  7. Do they have presentations at each meeting?